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HTML website design

HTML websites are incredibly popular in the recent time. Most of the organizations prefer HTML sites. They are search-engine friendly and get comparatively better ranks in the search results of all the major search engines. They can also be downloaded quickly. Our tea members have the expertise to design attractive and user-friendly HTML sites depending on your needs.

FLASH website designing

FLASH sites are more attractive. Catchy websites can be designed using flash. Flash animations can also be added on the pages of the website to make it more appealing. We have flash experts in our team to design a flash based website for you. Mostly, the art related companies prefer flash website as they need to exhibit their organization in an artistic way. You can also add flash on some particular portions of your website. It will be both search-engines friendly and appealing.

Dynamic Website Design

Sometimes, you need to change the content of your website very often. You may not be in a position to do it without any technical knowledge. But a dynamic website enables you to do the same. You will be able to change the content of your website by following a few simple steps. The design of the website can be made dynamic as per your needs.

E-commerce website

World Wide Web has transformed the world into a tiny village and e-commerce has turned it into a small market. Yes, in e-commerce the people of the whole world are your potential clients. You can sell your products/services to anyone in the country sitting at your office. We are equipped with a team of IT professionals to develop e-commerce web sites for you. You will be able to sell your product or services online through the e-commerce site designed by us. Support and training will also be provided to you by our experts.

Website Development

Awis Infotech offers website development services emphasizing on the individual business needs of the customers. Cost-effective web development services of the company have attracted many clients from the global destinations. Making use of the latest technologies it offers web development services at competitive cost. The company uses modern web development platforms and software tools such as: PHP, ASP, .NET, Java, JSP, JavaScript, Servlets, Perl, ColdFusion, and HTML, XML, WAP etc.

At Awis Infotech , the professionals develop sophisticated web applications. They have the expertise to develop web applications based on Microsoft Technologies, PHP/My SQL enriched with the latest features like CMS (Content Management System), Two Way Communications etc. State-of-the-art web development solutions automate you at the click of a mouse.

Website Hosting

Awis Infotech is a credible name in offering world-class hosting solution. Security and cost effectiveness of the hosting services are the key elements behind the popularity of its web hosting solutions. In-depth experience has enabled it to efficiently offer web hosting service to its clients. The clients have the privilege to get support from the experts of the company round-the-year. Our web hosting range includes Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, FTP Solutions and Dedicated Mail Server Solution with Antivirus and Spam Control.

Apart from web hosting the company also offers domain name registration services to the clients. Selection of an adequate domain name is crucial. It should be short, catchy and easy to remember. The experts guide the clients to find suitable domain names for their organizations.

Website Promotion

Web promotion is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the modern era where the world can be called a global village. The greatest advantage of web promotion is that you can reach any corner of the world crossing over all geographical boundaries. In order to steer you to your potential customers,Awis Infotech promotes your web site.

Through specific search engine magnets, efficient coding and strategic placement, your site is made search engine friendly so that its pages are easily indexed by the major search engines. Special care has also be taken while designing the website so that search engine friendly features are incorporated and you can get a better ranks in the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN AltaVista etc.

Web promotion services of Awis Infotech are not confined to Search Engine Optimization only. It offer integrated web promotion solutions comprising of link building, Pay Per Click, online advertising, Ad Sense, directory submission, blogging and so on. Newer platforms for web marketing are also evolving day be day. Years of experience in web promotion has enabled the company to develop effective online marketing strategies. The experts at Awis Infotech can help you to enrich your targets.

Software Development

Awis Infotech is passionate about delivering value to the clients through cost effective, sustainable and scalable software solutions. The software development team of Awis Infotech comprises of experienced and highly skilled software professionals. It comprises of project managers, software engineers, software programmers, project manager, and software application developers.

Awis Infotech offers complete software solution. The company strives to understand the changing needs of the customer in the software industry. It wants to make the business process of the customers easier by simply making technology usable.

The software professionals at Awis Infotech study, design, develop, enhance, customize, implement, maintain and support various aspects of software development and the suitable solution is provided to the client. In order to offer cost effective solutions to the customers, the company cuts costs significantly without compromising on quality or delivery schedules. The company is equipped with a team of software tester for ensuring perfection of the software. Support is also provided to the clients to effectively use the software in their various processes

Multimedia Solution

Multimedia utilizes a combination of different content forms. It includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactive content. Multimedia has brought a revolutionary change to the infotainment industry. Through creative use of multimedia, attractive solutions can be created that exhibit the eminence of your organzation.

Corporate Presentation

In order to create a positive impretion on your potential clients, corporate presentation is a powerful tool. Various aspects of your organization can be presented in an attractive way. Using creative graphics, videos and audios, a striking presentation of your organiztion can be created. You can display the same in a meeting with the clients, exhibitions, seminars and so on. The presentation will visually speak volumes of your organization.Awis Infotech has the expertise to project the image of your organization creatively.

Flash Intro

A flash intro welcomes a visitor to your website. It also tells about your organization in brief. Many companies prefer a creative intro of their website so that an constructive ambience can be created for expressing the information. Cutting edge-technologies have facilitated faster download of the flash intro on a website. The creative team at Awis Infotech has the expertise to design an impressive flash intro for your website

Print Designing

Print media is one of the traditional forms of media that people have been using since the last century. In the era of science and technology when the market is brimmed with innovative medias, print media has not lost its significance. It has its own advantages. A majority of the companies still prefer print media as it conveys the message in a simpler way. Innovative medias can be an addition to print media only. But it can never be the substitute.Awis Infotech offers a number of print media solutions.

Brochure Designing

A creative brochure represents your company in a unique way. It tells about your company to your potential clients. An attractive brochure can bring business for your  organization.  The  professionals  at Awis Infotech have the expertise to design industry specific brochures. Your organization can be presented in an attractive way through the right combination of image and text.

Leaflet Designing

A leaflet is generally used to convey a concise message to the target audience or your potential clients. It can be designed for providing the general information of your company or for a particular event, seminar or so on. Awis Infotech designs creative leaflets for your company. Following strategies and incorporating the necessary elements to serve your purpose, a leaflet will be presented to you by the company.

Logo Designing

Logo is the embodiment of your corporate identity. The logo should creatively express the essence of your organization. Each element incorporated in the logo should denote a meaning. The qualified team at Awis Infotech is capable of designing a creative logo of your organization. Inspired by the vision, operation and nature of your organization, an attractive logo will be designed. Your choice will also play a major role in the designing process.


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